2.1 million Android devices infected with malware from Google Play, 2015

Google just put out a list of statistics about the vulnerabilities and the patches that the company had launched in 2015. Worthy to notice, Google also admitted that there are millions of devices running Android was infected with malicious code. Neowin lead back to Google’s report said that in 2015 the number of machines running Android infection is somewhat reduced more than in 2014, because Google has taken several new security measures on the Android platform. However, Google also admitted that in year 2015 approximately 0.15% of devices running Android globally is infected to malicious code when installing the app on the Google Play (the app store the system of Google), this figure equates to approximately 2.1 million devices running Android. Because of the reason mentioned above, Google announced that it will continue to improve Android, that increase the security for the mobile platform of their own. In addition, this brand will also be interested in rolling out patches, update for Android more often. According to security firm Trend Micro, practical on the app store Google Play Google’s happened the incident exist the software contains malicious code inside, and many times Google had to delete this app on Google Play. Not long ago, Google itself claims removed about 13 applications on Google Play, especially with some apps even users have rated 4-5 stars and there are more than 500,000 downloads. List of 13 this application include: Cake Blast, Jump Planet, Honey Comb, Crazy Block, Crazy Jelly, Tiny Puzzle, Ninja Hook, Piggy Jump, Just Fire, Eat Bubble, Hit the Planet, Cake Towet and Grag Box. Also according to Trend Micro, the majority of software are there tracking mechanisms, automatically download the strane app on your computer and also have self-rated this is a good app. It is also one of the reasons for the point assessment of the software is rising, off guard users. According To Thanh Nien.
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