Britain Royal recruits social media sites management with wage 1,6 billion VND

Candidates capable enough to manage the social network page of the British royal family can get salary up to 50,000 pounds (about 1.6 billion VND) per year, according to The Telegraph. Recruitment information posted on the official website of the British Royal family ( to know the level of remuneration attractive up to 50,000 pounds (about 1.6 billion) with 33 days off each year, that will be devoted to the chief division of media digital experts get the task “care” and try to increase the amount of followers the page of electronic information related to Buckingham palace on the world wide range. More specifically, the job description says the candidate should have experience in the field of “management of big websites, the impact to the community” and “development strategy, management the project has covered vast information”. Besides, the requirements also clearly stated “whatever you post news about anything, it may a visit at the national level, awards ceremony, or meeting the Royal family, must always insure the information channel of our electronic information continuously attract attention and reach with the amount of people who is certain watcher”. Buckingham palace confirms “the reputation, the brand and the powerful impact” will be the key factor to evaluate the effectiveness of the work. This is definitely not the “easy prey”. The page Facebook of the British Royal family (The British Monarchy) had nearly 2.7 million like, not to mention the Twitter page as The British Monarchy (2,16 million Follow), Kensington Palace (630.000 turn to Follow), Clarence House (533.000 turn to Follow)… the same with account the official YouTube of Buckingham palace, with over 150,000 followers, and a number of your other electronic information. Personal YouTube channel of the queen of England Elizabeth II’s birth in the year 2007, while she posted the first status line, on social network Twitter in 2014. Date April 21st til now, the queen of England will welcome the 90’s. The deadline for candidates to register applied to titles this appeal is on April 4th. According to Thanh Nien.
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