Failure with smartphone, Intel decided revenge in the fronts worth 191 billion dollars.

The innovation of his material has help Intel earned the victory on the chip market and fierced computing? When Intel announced the decision to dismiss 12,000 employees in restructuring effortfully company at the time of personal computer has saturated, there is still a division worthy to notice that the world is less mentioned: mobile. The newspapers reports that this top chip maker of the world has cut 11% of global workforce“ in process acceleration for revolution, shifting the company from a manufacturer of computer chips to a giants about cloud computing and smart devices.” But these articles didn’t mention anything to do with the array produced smartphone of the company, it just pooled into “smart devices” but it does not say clearly what is. To clarify this, you have to understand that Intel isnt actually a manufacturer PC or smartphone but it is a cloud computer company. Whether you have thought about the new name of Intel, this also really be a sustainable stepping firm in this field. According to the report of Forrester Research, cloud computing, the way allows the business to build and operate a large variety of software without needing to install servers or data centers of their own is a valuable market which is expected to reach 191 billion by 2020. And the Intel is a provider of the chip processing in the hundreds of thousands of servers operating the service cloud on the world, including the servers of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Let’s say the PC market is going to the end, then, Intel also has been a manufacturer of computer chips and smartphones extremely successful. Naturally, Intel has the right to restructure themselves into a service company, cloud computing – and, as reported in the press – may be a giant data center. In fact, Intel has occupied the overwhelming part than all data centers, the whole world, not just the data centers of a few big man on the cloud. According to the data of IDC, Intel is control up to 99% of the market share of chips for servers around the world, and now it’s time for Intel’s emerging dominance. In the future Intel chips are still favored? Intel’s foresee the future consumer will go where (shifting from PC to the device such as a smartphone or tablet), and it also foresaw the shift in how the operation of the business (put all the data onto “the cloud” when businesses want to announce their services on smartphone and tablet). However, at the same time, this chip manufacturer also realized that they don’t have the strength of smartphone production. Whether sure companies will still try to produce the chip and the devices connected to network, but at least after firing a series of employees, Intel also understand that carriers can’t build the image of themselves as a smartphone manufacturer. This is a chance Intel had missed from many years now. About array IoT (internet of things), then Intel hasn’t dropped far. However, the array future technology has yet be shaped, soe at least at the current moment, it’s hard to say before Intel will go with it. According to Patrick Moorhead, president at the same time is also the analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy, research company, has followed step by step development of Intel, then “currently, there are no side has any real power of IoT.” Can see Intel has quite honestly, when the identify “cloud computing and IoT will be the array largest business of Intel in the future.” But even in the realm of cloud computing, Intel also will face fierce competition from the other giant. Now the tech giants, including names famous in the array of cloud computing, are racing to develop a AI technology that is deep learning. This is the technology behind all these smart manipulations from image recognition, voice recognition for to the search engines of Google. However, deep learning depends on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) – something that Intel doesn’t actually provide. Therefore, Intel offers alternative solution – a type of chip called FPGA. But now, the GPU is still the cornerstone of AI technology. And when AI is becoming increasingly common, position of Intel will increasingly decline before the opponent produced the GPU, such as nVidia. Efforts to change this Intel is very remarkable, but the future position of the company is now on the map cloud, then no one can say first. According To Genk.
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