Go Green And Save Green? Research and Compare!

With all the hoopla about global warming and the ever increasing cost for oil and gasoline, saving money and doing something positive about the environment is on everyone’s mind. Trying to determine what is a real deal and what isn’t can be hard to do on your own. Below are some of my “favorites” from my IE showing government and non-government websites that try to help you figure it all out and best of all, hopefully, save you some green! Disclaimer: Please note, the author is not connected in any manner to the below websites (except where noted), and the reader should fully understand that the content should be considered informational use only. Note that some of the below websites may contain information which an individual may “do-it-yourself” and/or be offered goods and services. The author will not accept any liability that should arise through an unforeseeable event, monetary loss (perceived or real) and/or penalty/fine after the reader has reviewed the below websites by their own free will. Always consult with Federal, State, and local laws, and local code enforcement prior to spending money on any project. The reader should strongly consider a licensed, bonded, and insured professional, who can show you their professional designations and documents, which can be confirmed, prior to making a buying decision. Finally, consult your insurance company(s) prior to making any home improvement project, conducting some of the experiments and/or replicating some of the projects below, as this may alter your existing and/or future insurance policy(s), otherwise you may be subject to self-indemnity. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided. Non-Governmental website: Environment, Health And Safety Online: Notice this website isn’t a government website, but it does list numerous governmental agencies. The website attempts to make the cumbersome government websites a bit less cumbersome. At the bottom of the page, find environmental agencies by state. Government Websites: Personal Emissions Calculator: Ever wanted to calculate your “carbon footprint?” This website will assist you in doing just that! You might want to consider this one after doing your taxes though as it may take a little time to get all of the information together to fill out the form. Energy Star: Provides information regarding energy star products, to help you decide which product is right for you. Tax Credits: Also from the same energy star bunch… Unfortunately congress didn’t extend 2007 purchases into 2008! Keep checking and cross those fingers! Fuel Economy.Gov: Compare vehicles based on EPA information. Decide if the extra cost for the environmentally friendly car is really worth it. Compare new and used vehicles! Federal Citizen Information Center This one is just great! This website offers a wealth of information to protect you as a consumer and citizen. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: U.S. Department of Energy Website dedicated to answering your questions about renewable energy. Non-Governmental websites: Free Energy News: My favorite website! This site covers all types of free energy and renewable energy concepts. Also tests and debunks claims. I’ve literally spent countless hours reading this website and the associated links. This website goes beyond what might be considered popular culture renewable energy topics. Find Solar: Calculate the cost of a solar energy system for your home, and links to government and utility rebates and savings. To calculate your solar needs, click on “My Solar Estimator.” This website can provide links to solar dealers in your area. Most people don’t realize this, but depending on where you live, you can actually sell your excess electricity back to your utility! Before you get too excited about the idea of making money from your utility, you have to check with your state, local government and your utility. Oh yeah, one more thing. If you live in a “planned” community, you may also have to get approval to put that solar/wind contraption up. Insulation: Just how much do I need, what type and how much? What is R-Value? Build It Solar: Links to solar information as well as renewable energy. http://www.builditsolar.com/ Mother Earth News: For the do it yourself type and more! Energetic Forum, Renewable Energy: This forum discussion is primarily dedicated to replicating the open source patents of John Bedini and Dr. Peter Lindemann, however other renewable energy topics are discussed. Moderator: Dr. Peter Lindemann. The information contained may be generally geared toward an individual with a mechanical or electrical background, however novices and amateurs are welcomed. The “motors” through the unique geometry, have been proven through replication to demonstrate both a motor and generator capability. Novice or amateurs are welcome to participate, after reading through the entire forum listing and complying with the rules of the forum. If you are a novice, the Bedini SSG, is highly recommended as a first time project. (I occasionally participate on the Renewable Energy Forum as commentator and not a moderator, using the user screen name: funmaxus). Quick personal commentary: Remove the politics and the negative words. We must all work together to make ours a better world. Thanks.
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