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KITS NOW AVAILABLE  (More coming soon)

What a great way to not only learn how to do the pattern but you have all the supplies you need to MAKE it.

My kits include complete pattern with large color and numbered images. There is a page with instructions on how to finish off your pattern and a page with the Stringing pattern to make the finished piece.

You can’t beat that.

So far I have 5 kits available. Take a minute to look them over and if you have any questions about them just email me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Arrows Meet

$15.00 (4 Left)
Dolphin Sparkle

$20.00 (5 Left)
Ocean Breeze

$20.00 (4 Left)

Watercolor Dreams

$20.00 (3 Left)



$20.00 ( 4 Left)



We Accept

Disclaimer: Many of these are one of a kind and available only in the colors and sizes as shown. If you are interested in a style, but need a different size or color, you may submit a special order and I will do my best to come as close as possible to the original, I do not stock the beads.

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