Thousands of people fooled by sharing Facebook to get scratch card for mobile

Old tricks, new forms, users Facebook in Vietnam continue to fall for the scam. After the phishing way as free gift iPhone, gift cars, gifts, airplanes, even rockets, Vietnam network community continues seething with tricks that share Facebook get scratch card. The meaning is still the old tricks, but using the new form, that many people fall for scams. The object, who use this trick, perform the following: set up a Facebook Fanpage as a format of artist, has posted a lot of photos, videos to capture the trust of users. At the ripe time, the object will be launching tricks: share Facebook to receive scratch cards with the word probably awfully true that users trust and following. Free rewards is the object given is also the scratch card denominations of 50,000. Still the request seemed very simple is Like (like) and Share (share) the article. Last is comment your phone number below to receive a bonus. In particular, the value of this reward, even little, but the effect of trust is large. By many people will tend to think in shapes: this gift, very practical, sure, no one will be scam. Below is the content of phishing on Facebook N. T. Has: Hello you all, today is a T. H invites to go karaoke and have too much fun, wanna share a gift per person that is one piece card 50k to thank you for your support in the past time. not as #hotboyxamtro, who does not believe can be ignored. To get the card you need: First: Like and share this article Second: Cmt telephone number below All those who do properly will get gift card. Remember to do the right, Evaporate 50 million within only 1 hour? Just look at the form, and the details that Facebook N. T. Has provided, we can put out for yourself the interrogative questions around trick. – Firstly, whether launching the program gift card, but it is not clearly stated time to receive the reward, completely just using words to create trust with users Facebook. – Second, after about 1 hour launching the program gift cards, the object has attracted more than 1,200 comments and nearly 1,000 shares. Means if the program is open bonus is real, Facebook N. T. has give to strangers 50 million in just 1 hour? – Finally the moment that Facebook N. T. has been established. According to the learn, This lifetime of this Facebook account is just about 4 days, that is officially established from the date April 18th, 2016. Affordable, users still blindly believe in a account Facebook nothing is authentic, miscommunications? Security risk potential Only the carefree share and participate in these scams as such, users Facebook in Vietnam has benefited for the object has signs of fraud. Know where, after only a few more days, account Facebook N. T. has said on will evaporate and change the name of a shop, online sales. Not to mention, the comment and providing your personal number mobile phone up the page that Facebook doesn’t verify, so can set user to the dangerous condition. Light is that we will be spam messages, become objects for the SIM seller, but heavy with the risk losing control over your account Facebook. It is 2016, then, please, as a network resident like and share with heart! According To Genk.
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