What is Phitter?

I follow Kirstie Alley on Twitter. That is how I found out about Phitter on Christmas Eve 2009. Kirstie stated, “Merry Christmas…Phitter is my gift to you and a gift to myself…A healthy, lean, happy body, a lively spirit, and a clear mind” As someone with a goal of losing over 100 pounds this year, it was right up my alley. Because I first saw Phitter in its early public form, it was really cool to see how it then grew seemingly overnight to have many followers and consistent activity. Phitter is designed with a sense of humor, true to Kirstie’s fun and funny personality. Its mascots are two ants: Phrank and Phrancis. They decorate that home page and serve as zany Phitter mascots. They fit with the overall theme of making fitness and weight loss a more enjoyable experience. Because the quest for fitness can be frustrating and discouraging at times–after all, weight never seems to shed as quickly as it becomes a part of the body–Phitter fulfills a void in online weight loss support. If you’re having a tough weight day, simply going to the fun site can bring a smile to your face. Singing up for a Phitter account is quite easy. You just give basic info and create a username. From there, you can start following people immediately. It’s easy to find other followers with your interests by clicking on “Groups.” You can update immediately as well, then your feed will flow on the home page along other “Phitterers.” Customize your Phitter experience by uploading an avatar. You can also add a picture to serve as your background, or switch your background colors to any ones you want. Opt to have your Phitter account connect with Twitter to follow mutual friends or to have your posts go to both places. If you’re technologically challenged, no worries. There’s a “Support” button at the top of the page, where you can personally enter any question that you have and receive help on the topic. Kristie has even directly posted with helping people with Phitter problems. Phitter.com is definitely worth giving a try, whether you have 10 or 100+ pounds to shed. Sources cited: http://www.phitter.com http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Kirstie-Alley-Launches-prnews-1439546200.html?x=0 amp;.v=1
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